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Alien Cyborg 3 Oz
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Germania & Britannia nur 100 Stück weltweit
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Silver Eagle - Jewish Holidays - Bar Mitzvah
LIBERTY´s Kollektion
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GOLDEN TEARS Matrix Art Gustav Klimt 3 Oz
ART Coins
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Epic Tales of Heroes and Gods
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NIZARIS Assassins 2 Oz
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BIRTH OF VENUS Botticelli Great Micromosaic
Coin of the Year 2019 – Most Innovative Coin
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Our history

Discover the new way of coin collection & archiving as NFT (Non fungible Token).

We artistically digitize your valuable collectibles to make them available to the world.

Our services include the sale of real coins (our own or our customers’) in our SHOP as well as the digitization of collectibles with unlockable elements (certificates, proof of ownership, additional info accessible only to the owner).

Don’t miss the chance to save and present your collectibles for eternity.

Become a part of our community and discover the limitless possibilities!

here you find our newest coins

Heroes and gods

This collection is truly a tribute to the glorious heroes and mighty gods of antiquity. The silver coins, artfully minted and polished, shimmer in their noble, silvery hues and tell stories of triumph and destiny that took place in the ancient world.

There is, for example, the coin showing the legendary Achilles, his muscular body in full armor, ready for battle against the Trojans. His eyes sparkle with determination, his grip on the sword is firm and determined. You can almost hear the hiss of weapons and the clash of shields when looking at this coin.

Overall, this collection of silver coins and NFTs is a truly fascinating set of artwork that brings the stories and legends of antiquity to life. The coins combined with the artistic NFTs are a true treasure of the digital age.

SPACE Edition

Discover the wonderful Space NFT’s and let yourself be beamed into a world of limbo. From aliens to the first moon landing, you’ll find exclusive silver coins in unprecedented artistic renderings. Turn on the speaker, buckle up and enjoy the virtual trip.

Each NFT is unique and captures the intricate details and beauty of the coins. Our NFTs are perfect for collectors who want to own rare and exclusive items. All NFTs are secured on a decentralized blockchain, for posterity.

With strictly limited edition NFTs, you get a unique piece of art. Don’t miss this opportunity because there is only 1 of each coin, NFT’s 3 of each.

SKULL collection

We present: SKULL coins & NFT’s – a unique collection.

Each coin, each NFT tells its own unique story. From menacing and dark to whimsical and playful, each coin and NFT is a work of art in itself that will captivate you from the start. The intricate detail on each coin is a testament to the skill and talent of the minters, and the high-quality resolution ensures that every nuance is captured in stunning detail.

These silver coins are a tribute to the impermanence and beauty of life, as well as a symbol of human finitude.

These collectible coins are a reminder that life is short and should be lived to the fullest.

Experience the magic of this fascinating collection.


We present: Anonymous NFT’s,

Our new collection features some of the most iconic silver coins, including the Guy Fawkes Mask and the Salvatore Dali Money Heist, transformed into stunning digital art.

Each NFT in this collection is unique and captures the intricate details and beauty of these coins. Our NFTs are perfect for collectors who want to own rare and exclusive items. Our NFTs are secured on a decentralized blockchain.

With strictly limited edition NFTs, you get a unique piece of art. Don’t miss this opportunity because there are only 1 of each coin, NFT’s 3 of each.

In addition, owning the Anonymous silver coin NFT shows that you support the cause of freedom and anonymity.

The Anonymous movement is about empowering individuals to stand up against oppression, censorship and injustice. By purchasing this NFT, you are contributing to the movement and standing up for what you believe in.

You can find the entire selection of coins and NFTs in our store!

General questions and answers

The abbreviation NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. These are digital certificates of authenticity. A technical procedure, a so-called blockchain data chain, ensures that these files cannot be copied and are therefore unique, across generations. By storing them on a decentralized blockchain, they are also tamper-proof.

NFTs can come in various forms, such as digital artwork, music, videos, or even tweets. Using blockchain technology ensures the authenticity and immutability of the NFT. This means that the NFT can be uniquely identified and cannot be counterfeited or duplicated.

Owning an NFT is similar to owning a physical piece of art or collectible. The value of an NFT is determined by its uniqueness and rarity, as well as the appreciation and demand of collectors and investors.

Buying NFTs can be an exciting and exhilarating experience, offering a unique opportunity to participate in a growing digital art and culture world. It can also be a way to directly support artists by collecting their work or even profit by reselling NFTs.

So, if you are interested in unique digital assets and would like to be part of an exciting and rapidly evolving digital art and culture world, buying NFTs might be the right choice for you.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, where all units are equivalent and interchangeable, each NFT is unique and has individual characteristics.

NFTs have gained tremendous popularity in recent years as they offer the ability to own and trade digital assets, similar to physical collectibles. They also offer a new way for artists and creators to monetize their work by selling digital artwork and generating revenue.

Owning an NFT can provide one with unique benefits, such as access to exclusive content or special events that are only available to owners of the corresponding NFT. Also, owning an NFT can be a prestigious status, similar to owning rare physical collectibles.

Overall, NFTs offer an exciting opportunity to own and trade digital art and virtual items. If you are a fan of digital art or virtual collectibles, owning an NFT might be just what you are looking for.

Digital assets are more accessible than physical assets because they can be easily traded, transferred, and stored without the need for physical handling. This increases the visibility and exposure of artists’ work and provides a new and innovative way to bring their artistic creations to a much larger audience

Storing digital assets on Blockchain provides a tamper-proof record of all transactions and ensures that assets are protected from theft and fraud. This gives security to the owners and increases the reach & awareness of the designers & artists but also mints that produce the wonderful limited edition artworks.

Digital assets are more liquid/mobile than physical assets as they can be traded 24/7 on a global scale. This gives artists and designers more flexibility in selling their works and makes it easier for collectors and investors to access digital artworks.

The transparency of the blockchain provides a complete/gapless and immutable record of all transactions and ownership changes, allowing for easy tracking of digital assets. This makes it easier for artists and designers to keep track of their artistic creations and for collectors and investors to verify their authenticity.

The creation of NFT’s based on real silver coins offers an additional form of value enhancement by combining silver coin with limited edition NFT’s, authenticity verification, content verification, and ownership transfer or legitimization and secure this across generations on a decentralized blockchain tamper-proof and unalterable for posterity.

NFT’s are a hot trend in the art and collectors market, the combination of NFT’s with physical limited edition silver coins is new and can lead to future appreciation. It is expected that this innovative combination of real assets + digital assets can lead to an increased demand as well as a massive increase in audience reach. This offers collectors and investors a new and innovative approach to silver coin collections.

Using decentralized blockchain technology to secure NFT’s provides a secure and tamper-free record of ownership, making it easier for collectors and inestors to verify the authenticity of their assets, share them at any time on any type of medium, as well as trade them 24/7.

Hier haben wir einige Argumente aufgelistet, was für den Kauf von echten physischen Münzen in Kombination mit NFT Digital Assets spricht, zusammen mit einer Prognose für den NFT-Markt:

  1. Materieller Wert: Physische Münzen haben einen inneren Wert, da sie aus Edelmetallen wie Gold oder Silber bestehen. Dies gibt ihnen einen greifbaren Wert, der gehandelt oder verkauft werden kann. NFTs hingegen sind digitale Kunstwerke individuell auf die Münze aufwendig angepasst durch Grafik und Design-Artists und werden auf der Blockchain für die Nachwelt gesichert. Der Wert an sich setzt sich aus vielen Aspekten zusammen wie Erstellungsaufwand, Limitierungsgrad, Einzigartigkeit, Seltenheit, Aufbereitung und wie bei allen Kunstwerken – Kunst liegt im Auge des Betrachters.
  2. Historische Bedeutung: Physische Münzen haben oft eine historische Bedeutung, da sie während einer bestimmten Zeit oder zum Gedenken an ein bestimmtes Ereignis geprägt wurden. Dies gibt ihnen einen einzigartigen Wert, der durch die Experten von coin-store-nft e.U. künstlerisch auf die digitalen Assets (NFT´s) übertragen wird. NFTs können jederzeit erstellt werden und haben heute noch nicht die gleiche historische Bedeutung da es sich dabei um eine „neue Technologie“ handelt. Als unveränderbarer Zeitstempel durch die Speicherung auf einer  dezentralisierten Blockchain  bieten NFT´s jedoch zukünftigen Generation ein digitales Kunstwerk aus früheren Zeiten sowie ein handelbaren digitalen Wert an die Hand.
  3. Begrenztes Angebot: Viele physische Münzen haben ein begrenztes Angebot, was ihren Wert im Laufe der Zeit erhöhen kann. Dies liegt daran, dass nur eine bestimmte Anzahl von Münzen im Umlauf ist, und wenn sie seltener werden, steigt ihr Wert. NFTs können auch ein begrenztes Angebot haben, da einige in einer limitierten Auflage oder als Unikat hergestellt werden. Dies kann auch ihren Wert im Laufe der Zeit erhöhen.
  4. Diversifikation: Durch die Kombination physischer Münzen mit NFTs können Anleger ihre Portfolios diversifizieren und ihr Risiko streuen. Dies liegt daran, dass physische Münzen und NFTs unterschiedliche Risikoprofile haben und ihre Kombination dazu beitragen kann, das Gesamtrisiko zu mindern.
  5. Prognose für den NFT-Markt: Der NFT-Markt ist in den letzten Jahren explosionsartig gewachsen, mit rekordverdächtigen Umsätzen und einer hohen Nachfrage nach einzigartigen digitalen Assets. Während es bei jeder Investition immer ein gewisses Risiko gibt, ist die Gesamtprognose für den NFT-Markt positiv. Da die Blockchain-Technologie immer mehr zum Mainstream wird und sich immer mehr Menschen für das Sammeln digitaler Assets interessieren, wird der NFT-Markt wahrscheinlich weiterwachsen und sich weiterentwickeln.

Insgesamt können Anleger durch die Kombination physischer Münzen mit
digitalen NFT-Vermögenswerten vom materiellen Wert und der historischen Bedeutung physischer Münzen profitieren, gleichzeitig ihre Portfolios diversifizieren und das potenzielle Wachstum des NFT-Marktes nutzen.

Ihr coin-store-nft team

Anmk.: Wir empfehlen Ihnen, Ihre eigenen Nachforschungen und Due Diligence durchzuführen, bevor Sie NFTs kaufen. Alle von uns bereitgestellten Informationen oder Ratschläge dienen nur allgemeinen Informationszwecken und stellen keine Rechts-, Finanz- oder Anlageberatung dar.
Wir distanzieren uns in jeglicher Form vom Finanz- bzw. Anlagenberatung.