Before every great work of art, every architectural masterpiece, every brilliant song, there is first a plan, a blueprint, a design.

The same principle has taken place for centuries in mints around the world. Governments have historically tested their coins first through “trial run” samples called “proof coins” (also called “samples” or “prototypes”). These proof coins did not enter circulation and were often used to detect errors, which were then corrected before mass minting. Proof coins, however, are among the best in coinage today.

Black Proof refers to a special type of minting process used on silver coins that produces a dark, matte finish on the coin.

It is also referred to as “Deep Cameo” and is achieved by a special treatment of the coin’s surface and minting pads. Black Proof coins typically have a higher mintage quality than regular silver coins, making them more attractive to collectors and investors. They are often produced in limited editions and are usually more expensive than regular silver coins.